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The Morgue



The Morgue: Foul play has been suspected in an old abandoned morgue. Locals in the area have been reporting screams coming from deep inside the building. You are investigators called in to examine the inside of the old morgue and get to figure out what is happening inside these walls. However, your discovery will not be enough. You must collect any evidence of foul play within one hour or suffer the same fate of the very screams you are investigating!

DISCLAIMER: Graphic theming, bloody, human body parts, jump scares. Not suitable for young children. Flashing lights and loud noises. 

You will not be issued a refund if you choose to leave the game because of the adventure's graphic content/scare factor.

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5 star review
The jump scares really got me.  Too much fun!!
Valerie, Stockton
5 star review
Whoa, this room was over the top. Cool puzzles and the set blew my mind. Well done! 
Jose, Stockton



1-6 Players (Not suitable for young children)


Medium/Hard. Graphic theming, bloody, jump scares. Not suitable for young children.

Game Time

60 minutes to escape


$35 per person



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