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Davy Jones


The Curse of Davy Jones's Locker

Limited Edition Halloween Adventure Pirate Room Take Over

September 30th - October 31st

You were exploring for treasure on a dark and stormy night. After wandering into a cave you discovered that you were cornered by a cursed skeleton crew! These skeletons want to make you suffer the same curse they do. If they keep you trapped in the cave for the next hour until midnight, the curse will take hold and there will be no undoing it. Can you escape the cave in time?

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5 star review
Perfect Halloween fun for the whole family.  Not scary, just fun!
Emily, San Ramon
5 star review
I've played their Pirate room before, this was a fun seasonal twist to a classic game!
Tom, Dublin



1-10 Players



Game Time

60 minutes to escape


$38 per person



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