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Make Boring Dates a Thing of the Past!

It's 2018 why do the same old same old on a date? Especially if it's your first date. Why not do something fun, unique and creative instead?

Here are some great first, second or third date ideas!

Karaoke, Dance Class or Comedy Club

All of these require you to leave your shyness at the door and give you a build in way to break the ice. Laughing at and with each other is an amazing way to get to know each other and make the first date awkwardness disappear!

For the adventurers: Amusement park, Trail Hike

If sitting still isn't your thing then this is for you! There's nothing like a roller coaster ride or hiking a tough trail to get you sharing your love for all things thrilling.

For the Puzzle-Lovers: Escape Room, Trivia Night

Escape rooms are a great way to build the teamwork within a relationship, and since phones aren't allowed in the rooms, they're also a great way to keep the outside world outside so you can focus on your date.

Make boring dates a thing of the past! Show your date you not only want to be with them but that you are willing to put the time and effort into creating a unique experience that will be fun for both of you!