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Learn How To Start Winning: Escape Room Tips & Tricks

Who better to learn about what it takes to win, than the ultimate escape room experts: Your Game Master's! From meeting and greeting guests, to guiding unsuspecting adventurers and resetting/repairing rooms, our Game Master's live and breathe Escape Room's. We asked our stellar escape room experts what makes the perfect team, and where other groups fall short.

Whether you have done plenty of escape rooms before or building up the confidence to experience your first adventure, these tips will help you escape before time hits zero.

1. Organization

"In my experience, an organized group has the best chance of escaping. Not a day goes by where we don't see a group misplace a key or forget if they've used a code. Most of all the experienced groups will keep their used clues separate from what's still in play. It's always good to have a pile of things you know you've finished, and it's very helpful to leave finished keys in locks. Just in general, solving puzzles can be difficult when you're not even sure what you have to work with" - Game Master Jon (Livermore)

2. Come Back to It

"If you have tried everything, believe you have found all you need and STILL aren't getting anywhere, try to come back to the puzzle later. Escape rooms often are designed to have multiple things going on at once or they give you a taste of a puzzle so that you can build upon it as the game goes on. If you have given a puzzle your best shot and had your teammates take a crack at it, then perhaps you don't have everything for the puzzle quite yet. Put the clue down so you can try to discover more! If more time goes by and your team still has no leads, now might be the time to ask for a clue" - Game Master Chris

3. Focus on the clue your Game Master gives you!

"Our Game Master's literally spend hours running rooms. We know the games better than the back of our hands. All too often when giving a clue, we get "We did that already!" or "Thats a bad clue, give us something else!". With that being said, we know the answer to every single clue we give our adventurer's. So when you ask for help, the clue the Game Master tells you is strategically given to help you at that exact moment in the game. Take advantage of the clue you are given and put your effort into figuring out where it leads you. Don't get distracted by something else" - Game Master/Social Media Manager Matt

4. Communication, Communication, Communication!

"The most important part of succeeding in escape rooms is communication. The groups who talk out their puzzles or clues tend to not only stay more organized but also solve the puzzles faster and more efficiently. The more brains that work and communicate together, the easier the clues and puzzles will seem. This also plays into the teamwork aspect of escape rooms. If groups fail to communicate and work as a unit they won't see much success in escape rooms." - Game Master Charles (Livermore)

Our Game Master's at Limitless Escape Games believe in you! We will give you everything you need to assist in your success. Remember, you don't have to escape to have fun! So support each other and continue to work on your skills so you too can become an Escape Room Master!