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Monster Squad


Limited Edition Halloween Adventure Room Take Over 

Imhotep's Emerald, or How To Kill Dracula in 60 Minutes or Less: You're part of an elite supernatural gang, the Monster Squad! You have followed the clues to where you think Dracula is hiding. You only have one hour before the sun goes down. Do you have what it takes to defeat the monsters?!

***You can choose your level of "Scaretastic" fun! Looking for a family-friendly experience, no problem, looking for something a little more thrilling?!? Just let our Game Master know upon arrival and we will cater the fright level to your specific group.

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5 star review
This Halloween room really blew my mind. So thrilling!
Brook, Danville
5 star review
It was spooky, but not gory which is good because I'm a scaredy cat. The jump scare really got me though!
Vanessa, Stockton



1-10 Players



Game Time

60 minutes to escape


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Livermore & Stockton

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